The director of the office for the implementation of projects participates in “Transnational Cooperation Activities” organized by DAAD and the Erasmus+ program

15 September 2023
Director of the Office for the Development of Projects participating in "Transnational Cooperation Activities" organized by the DAAD and the Erasmus+ Program

Ilirjana Geci, director of the Project Implementation Office at AAB College, participated in the event “Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCA) with a focus on Southeast Europe: A New Vision for European Cooperation, organized by DAAD and the Erasmus+ Program. This event took place at the University of Regensburg in Germany, therefore Gec’s participation was of particular importance as it represents an additional opportunity to deepen cooperation with higher education institutions in Europe.

Through these cooperations, AAB College aims to conduct projects that enrich the experiences of students and staff with international knowledge and competences.

Hence, this will contribute to increasing the level of internationalism in our institution and preparing students for challenges and opportunities in the international career.