The Faculty of Foreign Languages organizes roundtable discussion with professors and students

13 June 2024

Professors and students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​held a panel discussion on the topic: “Enhancing Academic and Extracurricular Engagement”. This activity was aimed at discussing some important issues for the bachelor’s level program in English, such as the review of the program, the review of learning outcomes, evaluation forms and the drafting of an annual plan of extra-curricular activities for the year academic future.

The professors of the English language department along with the students, headed by the members of the debate club, participated in this activity. In the meeting, it was emphasized that the role of students, as well as other actors involved in the program, such as graduates and industry, is an important part in designing a curriculum that is in line with market requirements in Kosovo and abroad.

This activity was the continuation of several preliminary informal meetings between these interest groups, with the aim of compiling a program as harmonious as possible with the demands of the time.