The Faculty of Law of AAB College organizes s a roundtable discussion on The International Human Rights Day

10 December 2022

On the International Day of Human Rights on December 10, the Faculty of Law of AAB College, has organized a roundtable discussion together with the OSCE mission in Kosovo, on the topic: “Dignity, Freedom and Rights for all”

The representatives of the religious communities in Kosovo participated in this table, such as: the representative of the Islamic community in Kosovo, representatives of the Catholic Church, and the Evangelical Protestant Church.

The opening speech of this roundtable was made by the vice-rector for Science of AAB College, prof. Uranela Demaj, then the religious representatives discussed from their perspectives about religious diversity and how religion should be an instrument for peace.

Dean of the Faculty of Law of AAB College, prof. Veton Vula said that the autonomous existence of religious communities is necessary for pluralism in a democratic society, adding that the problem lies in preserving pluralism and the proper functioning of democracy.

Professors and students of the Faculty of Law of AAB College participated in this table, posing questions to the guests of the table, and participating in a conversation.