The Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College in two international scientific conferences

7 May 2024

The Faculty of Mass Communication (FMC of AAB College is the organizer and co-organizer of two international scientific conferences which will be held soon, in Pristina and Athens.

In partnership with the Department of Journalism and Communications of the University of Tirana and the Institute of Communications of Greece, the FMC of AAB in Pristina holds the conference “Information, media and truth in the era of post-truth and artificial intelligence”, the abstracts of which are expected to be sent until May 20.

Meanwhile, the deadline for abstracts for the next conference is June 30. This conference will be held in Athens on July 4, 2025, where the Institute for Communications of Greece, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, AAB College, University of Versailles from France, King Graduate School of Monroe College from the USA, etc. are partners in organizing this conference.