The Faculty of Physical Culture of AAB College signed a cooperation agreement with the Kosovo Basketball Federation

14 July 2023

In order to further deepen the cooperation in the definition of joint programs, in the implementation and development of the practical part of the students within the subject of basketball, the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sport has signed an agreement with the Basketball Federation of Kosovo. This agreement includes many points that have an important role for students and academic staff from this faculty and the federation, starting from the participation of students in the programs for trainers, lectures and courses for them. While the academic staff in cooperation with representatives from this federation will organize joint scientific conferences, seminars, tables and participation in various meetings. It is also planned to carry out joint activities such as summer schools, various camps, demonstrations and numerous competitions.

The agreement was signed by the dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports of AAB College Fatmir Pireva and the president of the Kosovo Basketball Federation Arben Fetahu.