The Faculty of Public Administration award students with appreciation for their contribution to student activities

27 June 2019

The Faculty of Public Administration at AAB College gave appreciation awards to 80 students who contributed to the realization of student activities for the academic year 2018/19.

On this occasion, the dean of the Faculty of Public Administration at AAB College, Prof. Petrit Bushi thanked students for the mass participation during the activities realized for this academic year. He also added that the Faculty of Public Administration, besides contributing to the professional growth of students, has also had an important role for the students of other faculties who were part of debates with mayors, student visits, conferences, etc.

The students were very pleased with the fact that along with the academic teachings, AAB College, specifically, the Faculty of Public Administration is positively influencing them to gain new knowledge in different student organizations and activities as well. The Faculty of Public Administration this year has organized a lot of activities, with special emphasis on local government lectures with mayors, students’ meeting with the President of Albania, Mr. Ilir Meta, visits to state institutions, etc.