The Faculty of Social Sciences holds roundtable discussion on “Strategic Approach to Early Childhood Development”

27 May 2024

In the wake of the activities for raising the quality through the reflection of the students’ potential, today in the premises of AAB College, an activity was held with the students of the fourth year and the third year of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Professor Arbërore Bicaj promoted students’ work through the analysis of scientific publications regarding early childhood education strategies.

Students expressed their critical perspectives on the strategies they had analyzed as well as through creative work on the portfolios they had worked on throughout the semester.

In continuation of the activity, Professor Violeta Buza, together with the students of the third year, concluded the activity with great finesse through the presentation of the practical work of the students, where the issues of evaluation at early ages were revealed. In the capacity of panelists, Professor Hysen Kasumi and Professor Diana Qarkaxhija, helped in making this activity a success.

While the fourth-year students, with the critical approach and encouraged debate, reflected to highlight the work of their teachers towards achieving quality.