The first foreign language career expo is organized at AAB College

16 December 2021

“Meet your potential employer” was the name of the career expo organized by the Faculty of English Language of AAB College. During this expo, students had the opportunity to establish direct contact with partner institutions of the faculty. The companies at the expo represented different profiles and offered a wide range of professions to students such as recruiters, language experts, editors, teachers, translators, interpreters, slogan writers.

Among the companies present at this event were Alexander Chapman, Oxford Studio, ILG School, Britannica ELT – Edmond Ramadani, TranKos, Sutherland, etc.

Representatives of the companies initially presented their profiles in a very friendly conversation with the students before proceeding with individual interviews with each of them.

Also present at this expo was the rector of AAB College, who expressed his satisfaction with the work done and the benefits that such events bring. ” The main goal of students, after their graduation, is to work, and today’s expo will be a way which will help you find what you are looking for.”

This expo will be an annual event and will include even more companies that the students can select from in the future.