The first phase of the English language students’ internship program with SOS Villages begins

3 December 2019

“English from me to you” is the newest project initiated by the English Language Faculty of AAB College, together with the SOS villages of Kosovo, from which both English students and the children of SOS villages will benefit.

In a presentation meeting held for students, among the representatives of SOS Village, Mrs. Ora Bytyçi, SOS Program Director of Pristina Village and Ms. Sara Mustafa, Sponsorship Coordinator, informed the students about the specifics of the project and the functioning of the SOS villages. Students were eagerly awaiting this opportunity to contribute to this target-group of children and to assist in their advancement in education.

Director Bytyçi said that it is a pleasure to cooperate with AAB College, as practice has shown that students of this College have always stayed close to children through voluntary work. She was also optimistic that the English language course project will be a success. “We have identified 100 children who need to attend English language courses. You will not only teach them English, but I am convinced that you will be friends and socialize with them as well” said Bytyçi.

Dean of the Faculty of English Aida Alla, among other things, said that this program is not only a professional project but also a humanitarian project. “The experience and pleasure you will get from teaching the small SOS Village residents will serve you throughout your life and make you feel useful in the community.” said Prof. Alla.

Whereas, Uranela Demaj, associate dean at the Faculty of English, emphasized the fact that this program will have a long life and will be passed from one student to another.

One course level with two teachers present in the class will last for three months and then continue with two other interns, under the supervision of professors.

At the end of the meeting, 25 students stated by signing that they will be the first teachers of the program “English from me to you”.