The First Stage Of “AAB Summer Project” Successfully Concluded

22 July 2021

Strengthening the component of scientific research and practical application of academic knowledge, are among the two objectives in which AAB College invests a large part of its capacity.

In line with these objectives, during the months of June and July of this year, the first phase of the research project ‘AAB Summer Project’ was developed, on the research topic: The connection between mental health and use of technology and media.

In addition to research projects that are continuing during summer months, students of the faculties of Psychology, Computer Science and Mass Communication, have had the opportunity once a week, during these two months, to hear about best practices of work, from the most proven experts of the field.

On this occasion, AAB College thanks the students, who have voluntarily remained active in academic work during these months, and with special emphasis thanks the guests who with their presence have enriched the project and with whom AAB intends to continue the cooperation in future projects, as well.

The ‘AAB Summer Project’ will continue with the next phase of research projects and meetings with experts, after summer holidays.