The fourth half-day module as the end of the “2023 Winter Program” organized by QAPI

20 February 2023
The fourth half-day module as the conclusion of the "Winter Program 2023" organized by QAPI

Within the “2023 Winter Program” organized by QAPI for the professional development of staff, on February 23 and 24, 2023 from 09:00-12:30, in hall A-207, the fourth module “Planning and management of projects (piloting)”, with trainer Ilirjana Geci. The purpose of the initial project planning training is to increase the capacities of the academic staff of AAB College to initiate and draft project proposals for application in sponsoring programs from various sources such as government, industry, foundations, institutions and international initiatives. Participants will have the opportunity to understand the procedures of project initiation and the importance of cooperation with the Project Development Office, to address initiatives and to draft project proposals.

All those interested in the training offered within the “Winter Program 2023” of QAPI, for more information can contact the coordinators: Diana Qarkaxhija ([email protected]) and Xhavit Rexhaj (xhavit.rexhaj@