The free English lessons for the children of the SOS village by the students of the AAB College continue for the fifth year in a row.

7 March 2024

For the fifth year in a row, the students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​are continuing to offer free English language lessons to the children of the SOS village.

On the informative day of the professional-volunteer program “English from me to you”, the students were welcomed by the Leader of the Support Center for Children and Families, Arjeta Rexha, who informed the students about the specifics of the SOS village.

This voluntary professional program benefits 100 children who need financial and social support. About 15 volunteer teachers first underwent a training in relation to the teaching methodology, led by the teaching coordinator, professor of the Faculty of English Language, Niman Dreshaj, who will also lead the weekly monitoring of the courses.

Such programs from the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​at the AAB College have become a tradition that increase the awareness of young people about their contribution to the community.