The French Alliance in Prishtina along with AAB College organize a week of cultural activities

2 September 2022

One of the main partners of AAB College, the French Alliance in Prishtina, held a meeting where
important cultural issues were discussed. The topics during the meeting were: the library network, the
digital exhibition “Escape”, and the main event on the French film festival held in November, where AAB
College as a key partner is expected to host the activities.
The French Alliance in Prishtina owns about 35,000 books/resources of various genres, while it plans to
open libraries with a certain number of books that can be used by all those interested. Further, during
the meeting it was also discussed about holding trainings and the operation of the online platform by
the French Alliance, which will all be held at AAB College.
While the digital exhibition titled “Escape” is expected to open at AAB College from November 1-6,
where through a catalog each partner will have the opportunity to choose 8 pieces to be presented.
In AAB College, the French corner will also be open from Monday to Friday in order to develop various