The graduation ceremony of AAB College is held in a unique and great organization

24 October 2023
With a unique and magnificent organization, the Graduation Ceremony of AAB College is held

Graduation Ceremony was held for the students of AAB College who, full of emotions, closed a chapter and opened the doors for the beginning of something new.

Graduation is the seal of their academic journey followed with commitment, determination and will, hoping and believing in the implementation of their career dreams.

Even the families of the graduates who accompanied the students were not spared from their emotions, while they wished them to maintain consistency and serve with dignity in the professions they have already chosen.

One of the many special guests of this night was Rifat Jashari from the Jashari family, on the occasion of the graduation of his nephew Shaban Jashari at the Faculty of Law.

In this ceremony, the rector of AAB College, Lulzim Tafa, greeted all the graduates, while expressing his best wishes for them. He said that every generation is given importance and care and therefore they reap the success later.

In the role of Guest Speaker during this ceremony, the internationally renowned Albanian philanthropist Lazim Destani spoke, who motivated the students to believe in their dreams and the future they will build.

Even the former student of AAB College Flaka Vitaku, who has created her career in ATV, had many messages for the graduates, but in particular to enjoy the success so far.

At the end of the ceremony, all those present did the usual “ritual” of graduation, the throwing of the hats. They congratulated each other and thanked the academic staff.

AAB College first thanks each student who has chosen our institution as their companion, with whom they have marked success and new beginnings together. Happy graduation day dear students, your hard work and dedication has already paid off!