The Latest Issue Of Thesis Released, With Authors From Prestigious

13 July 2021

The new issue of the international scientific journal Thesis, published by AAB College, has been released.

This issue includes 10 scientific articles written by authors from prestigious universities, such as:

University of Bielefeld, University College London, University Rome Tre, Vrije University of Brussels, Osaka University, Hellenic Open University, Kaplan Higher Education Singapore, AAB College and South East European University.

The first article written by Greek, German and Singaporean authors deals with the use of face masks in education as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The second article, written by English scholar Hoyte-West, deals with multilingualism in the Western Balkans, with a particular focus on translation and interpretation.

Another article deals with a similar topic, which elaborates the mistakes of Albanian students in Northern Macedonia when translating from Albanian to English. The scholar from Bielefeld treats the German concept of “bildung” according to Adorno’s critique. Another article, whose author is by Vrije University in Brussels, deals with the harmonization of Albanian legislation with that of the EU regarding defamation in the media.

Other articles also belong to the fields of social sciences and humanities, including some articles focused on the Balkans.

Thesis is an international scientific journal which is published twice a year, online and in paper, indexed on dozens of international platforms.

The latest issue can also be read online, as AAB College adheres to and supports the European principle of open access to research.