“The Maids” to be played tonight at PITF2018

12 December 2018

“The Maids” directed by Kiço Londo, a show from Albania will be played tonight at Prishtina International Theater Festival.

Created to be played in the theater, this show follows the story of two maids called Solange and Claire who perform sadomasochistic rituals when their Madame is not home. The roles of Solange, Claire and the Madame are performed by the Albanian actors Laura Nezha, Dasara Xhangolli, and Ilira Bejleri.

During the media conference, the director of this play, Kiço Londo said that the majority will be familiar with the play, however, what makes it special is that it will be interpreted differently by the Albanian actresses.

Actress Laura Nezha said that the show being played tonight will be challenging, but that will not stop the actors from having a great performance.

Tonight, after the theatrical play, Art Lokaj will be performing live.

The night before at PITF2018 brought the show “Like mother, like daughter” from Croacia by the director Jasmin Novljaković.

Meanwhile, tomorrow, the show from Kosovo “Holly Shit” will be performed during the last night of PITF2018, and will close with an award ceremony for the competing theatrical plays.