The new issue of Thesis’s scientific journal was published, indexed in dozens of European platforms

13 June 2019

The newest issue of the international scientific journal Thesis was published, with studies by authors coming from several universities, such as AAB College, Grace University, Osaka University in Japan, etc.

In this issue are included nine studies in the field of political science, political philosophy and philosophy of science, methodology and teaching, creativity and health management.

In the study titled “The Impact of political socialization factors in Kosovo’s political culture”, empirical measurements show that the factors of political socialization are reversed in Kosovo due to personal interest, where the media come first and education remains the last influential factor in the creation of political culture.

Another study delves in the topic of student anatomy. Here too, empirical measurements show that teachers are aware of the importance and implementation of student autonomy, yet teachers are more likely to identify the reasons that hinder this important issue in learning.

The trend created by scholars who have understated knowledge of the Middle Ages is opposed by a Japanese author of the University of Osaka. The author recommends reading and re-reading of the classical texts of knowledge by reviewing the idiosyncratic thought of Nicholaus Cusanus.

Meanwhile, a scientific article raises the issue of the role and functioning of the People’s Advocate in Kosovo and reforming this institution according to European models. The de-albanianizing stance of the international community is another article that deals with the standards, criteria and policies of the European Union and the United Nations Organization who, according to the author, through their own mechanisms, attempt to drive Kosovo away from politically identifying with the Albanian people An article by an author from the University of Grace deals with hip-hop music, rap, and the new musical named Hamilton, aiming to address the issues of conventional music shifting in Broadway.  From the philosophy of science, another article brings some lessons from the scientific practice, its development and the growth of knowledge, according to Paul Feyerabend’s views in epistemology. Readers also have the opportunity to see the degree of satisfaction at work by an empirical measurement done at UCCK. Thesis is a peer review international scientific journal, published by AAB College in the online and paper version, indexed in several science platforms such as: Erih Plus, WorldCat, Base Bielefeld, Deutsche National Bibliothek, CORE, MIAR, Heidelberg University, Leipzig, the National University Library of Zagreb, etc.