The newest book of author Sali Bashota “No other voice” was promoted in AAB College

26 December 2018

In the presence of scholars, book lovers and students, today at AAB College was promoted the newest book of author Sali Bashota “No Other Voice”, published by Publishing House AAB.

This book contains 59 poems, the number corresponding to the age of the writer and the year of his birth.

Rector of AAB College, Lulzim Tafa, said that the individuality that poet Bashota conveys to the readers is great, and that his work possesses originality.

“Sali Bashota is famous for a unique voice in Albanian poetry. His personality is emphasized even when writing about his homeland, about love, war, or Pristina, but also when writing about friends and family. He, once again, displays this originality in the poetry book, “No other voice,”” Said rector Tafa.

Prof. Besa Hoxha Beqiri, also spoke of the authors most recent work. She added that in his verse the reader finds artistic maturity.

“The creative world of this poet, translated into many languages, is now featured in his thirteenth collection of poems, and is infused with new forms of poetic writing. The rich mosaic of motives and structure of his poetry in “No other voice” brings to light a poetic play with words, that gives a voice to the poet from the moment you lay eyes on the title” said Hoxha Beqiri.

The author of the work “No other voice” Sali Bashota, thanked all the attendees, supporters, and the publishing house AAB for its publication. He added that without his close family, he would not have been able to finalize this new volume of poetry.