13 December 2018

The problems of young people in Kosovo, such as depression, anxiety, negative feelings, sexuality, and many other factors that negatively affect them are increasing day by day.

This finding was brought up today at the open discussion “Let’s talk – the mental health of young people”, organized by the Faculty of Psychology of AAB College in collaboration with the Foundation “Together Kosova”.

The Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Mimoza Kamberi, said that timely addressing of mental health problems can reduce emotional problems. She also urged students not to show negligence when it comes to mental health.

“If left untreated, mental health disorders can affect many aspects of health, including emotional well-being and social development, leaving young people feeling isolated from society, stigmatized, and unable to contribute to the community, from the professional, social, or interpersonal aspect ” stressed Kamberi.

Meanwhile, the psychologist from the Foundation “Together Kosova”, Anisa Zaçe reiterated that anxiety and depression are among the most common mental health disorders that are on the rise in our country. But, according to her, the proper discussion and treatment of these problems in Kosovo is an individual’s responsibility.

“It is disturbing that so many of our young people are dealing with depression and anxiety, and very often alone. You, as young psychologists, should know what types of people you will work with, because psychological problems and discussing of them are still viewed in the wrong light in Kosovo, whether in the family, society or even at work ” said Zeqa to the students.

During this informative roundtable, in front of the Psychology students of AAB College, the platform “Nukjevet” was presented, a platform which offers online counseling for young people by many psychologists and experts in the field of Psychology.