The Nursing Faculty of AAB College marks the International Diabetes Day with an informative lecture

16 November 2018

On the occasion of the International Day of Diabetes, students of the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College had the opportunity to participate in a guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Merita Emini Sadiku, internist-endocrinologist.

On the occasion of the International Day of Diabetes, Prof. Dr. Merita Emini Sadiku called on the students of AAB College to undertake meaningful action and inform the Kosovo population on how they can lead healthier lives, free of diabetes.

During this lecture, a call was also made for people who suffer from diabetes and pre-diabetes to become more physically active and to take other preventative measures such as changing their diet to include less fats and sugars.  Prof. Dr. Idriz Sopjani, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at AAB College, said that in order to reduce the number of cases with diabetes we must be insist on doing everything in our power to increase awareness and the level of education among the population.  

In addition to participating in this lecture, students and all interested persons had the opportunity to test their blood glucose levels at a stand set up by the Faculty of Nursing.