The PITF that united the theaters of the world in Kosovo ends its seventh edition with the Awards Ceremony

30 May 2023
The PITF that united the theaters of the world in Kosovo ends its seventh edition with the Awards Ceremony

The seventh edition of the only international theater festival in the country “Prishtina International Theater Festival”, which united the culture, art, experiences, creativity of many countries of the world in Kosovo for seven days in a row, has been concluded with extraordinary success.

This conclusion was marked by the culminating moment of an event of this type, such as the award ceremony organized in collaboration with AAB College, Art Image and ATV, which conveyed and rewarded the contestants of this edition who came from: Croatia, Spain, Turkey, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. The date of the end of the festival not coincidentally coincided with the birthday of the late artistic director of this festival, Burbuqe Berisha, who was remembered through a photo collage expressing love and gratitude to her forever. The director of the festival, Doruntina Alshiqi, said that after a lot of work and commitment from the whole team, the last night of PITF is the most important for all the contestants. She added that it was an honor and a privilege that the audience was satisfied with the variety of performances and participating countries, while she thanked the judges for their evaluations, in particular the student jury for their commitment and the volunteers for the work they did.

This edition of PITF 2023, the main prize for the best actor or actress was won by Buga Marija Šimić from the show “Rusalka” from Croatia. She thanked the entire audience and the organizers of the festival as she expressed her emotions, saying that one of her dreams has now come true, to be recognized for her work and art.

This is the complete list of awards from the seventh edition of PITF 2023:

Special Mention – Armond Morina – “Club Albania” – Kosova

“Best Play: Students’ Choice” award – “Arbri” – Kosova

“Best Play: Media Choice” award – “Arbri” – Kosova

“Best Supporting Actor” award – Ard Islami “Club Albania” – Kosova

“Best Director” award – Fatos Berisha “Club Albania” – Kosova

“Best Play” award – “Fireworks – Sparks of life” – Spain

The main prize of PITF 2023 “Best Actor” – Buga Marija Šimić “Rusalka” – Croatia