The president of the European University of Tirana Prof. Asoc. Dr. Selami Gjepa: AAB College is an example to be followed by other Universities

15 December 2021

The Faculty of Public Administration organized a lecture with the special guest, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Selami Xhepa, on the topic “Kosovo and Albania in the processes of regionalization”.

In front of the students and the academic staff, Xhepa highlighted important issues of cooperation between the countries of the region, and in particular of Kosovo and Albania, and also pointed out the unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles between the two countries.

“Although the customs tariff in joint initiatives has become zero, there are other bureaucracies which, if costed, exceed it or are the same as if it were a 10% customs tariff,” said Mr. Xhepa during the lecture.

During his lecture, Mr. Xhepa also described AAB College as a monument of hard work and commitment.

“I am happy to be in Kosovo for the second time at the invitation of AAB College. I am in awe of the vision that this college has for the future of its students, an example that should be followed by other universities as well,” he said.

At the end of the lecture, Dr. Selami Xhepa answered the students’ questions.