The Student Festival “Prishtina Arts and Architecture Festival” (PAAF 2019) has begun

23 May 2019

With a solemn ceremony at AAB College, today began the only student festival of its kind in our country “Prishtina Arts and Architecture Festival”, where present were art lovers, students and eminent faces of the field of culture in Kosovo. This is the second edition of PAAF and will last for 3 days.

The opening of the PAAF 2019 was made by the Rector of AAB College, Prof. Dr. Lulzim Tafa who, during his speech, said that AAB College is the place where most cultural activities take place. He further added that AAB College, besides being the main center of higher education, has now become the main center of culture as well. “This festival is a very good opportunity for foreign guests to come and learn more about our country.

Opportunities do not come up, we create them – AAB College has always been a place where opportunities come to life since its conception. Through the Faculty of Arts and Architecture, AAB College has finally reached its goal of becoming the main center of not only higher education but also of culture in the country. AAB College is the institution where the most cultural events take place. “Rector Tafa said. 

Meanwhile, the Board Director of PAAF 2019, Prof. Shyqri Nimani, said that the idea of ​​creating attractive and productive things that represent the interactivity of professors and students is one of the goals of the festival. He also said that the work of students that is being promoted during the festival is worth seeing even by the international audience. 

“This festival has a wide range of disciplines of Figurative, Musical and Dramatic Arts, and this is extremely attractive not only for students but also for the public that gets acquainted with them. This festival aims to present a multidisciplinary achievement. The selection of art is incredible in this edition, and I promise that the time you spend in this festival will be fascinating for you and your friends, “said Nimani.  

The first day of PAAF 2019 continued with the Collective Exhibition of students from the Faculty of Arts, where hundreds of works with various messages were presented. Prishtina Arts and Architecture Festival will continue for two more days in the premises of AAB College (22-24 May 2019), where a range of activities and artistic workshops are available for the participants. To learn more about the PAAF 2019 program click on the official link of the festival: