The Student Union of AAB College participates in UN Women’s regional research presentation

28 September 2023
Student Union of AAB College participating in the presentation of UN Women's regional research

The President of the Student Union of AAB College Gent Anadolli has participated in the presentation of the regional research of UN Women in Tirana, together with student Leon Ramadani.

The research was carried out by five researchers and young people from the countries of the region as it explores the links between youth development, gender equality and social cohesion challenges in the Balkan region.

Genti and Leoni learned about the details of this research and met with well-known project implementers in Tirana.

There was also a discussion with the Minister of Youth and Children, where an important perspective was provided on the role of public policies in promoting gender equality and youth development. Among other things, cooperation with AAB College and this ministry was mentioned, along with any possible visit to Kosovo.