The students of AAB College received by the President of Albania, Ilir Meta

11 June 2019

Tirana, 10 June 2019

On the 141st anniversary of the Albanian League of Prizren and on the eve of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Kosovo, Albania’s President, Ilir Meta, met with a group of students and professors from all Albanian areas of AAB College Pristina.

President Meta told students that youth should be the promoter of democratic and integrative processes in our two countries and it is very important that Albania and Kosovo strengthen cooperation in all areas.

“It is very important to educate and train young people in as many areas as possible, to democratize our societies, and bring European standards in our countries, because our youth is a great advantage over the more developed European countries” said President Meta. He emphasized that Kosovo and Albania youth have a lot of work to do towards creating a more functional state for Kosovo and Albania.

Rector of AAB College, Lulzim Tafa, said that AAB College, for 18 years now, is contributing to the education of students of all Albanian regions without distinction. He informed President Meta about the activity of AAB College, emphasizing that Albania continues to be the great love of Kosovo and that we are happy for every success of Albania.