The students of the Faculty of Economics were certified by AAB College for organizing student activities

2 July 2019

In addition to the regular teaching process, the students of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College, during the academic year, also organized activities of special importance for their profession. After the contribution given as organizers and participants, the Faculty of Economics of AAB College awarded them with certificates.

Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Dr. Shaip Bytyci thanked the students for the innovative ideas and activities accomplished during this study period. He also added that there has never been a lack of commitment from the students to be part of conferences, discussion boards, trainings, etc.

Meanwhile, the head of the Young Economists Club, Hana Kastrati, thanked all the students who cooperated with the Economists Club and shared awards of appreciation for the Faculty of Economics staff.

Students stressed that in these activities we learned how to manage, how to work in a group, and many other practical skills that an economist needs.