The third edition of Prishtina International Theater Festival 2019, at AAB College, begins its journey

4 November 2019

In the presence of a large number of artists, art lovers, representatives of Kosovo institutions and students, the third edition of PITF2019 theater festival opened tonight at the AAB Theater “Faruk Begolli”.

The third edition of PITF was opened with a speech from the festival’s artistic director, Burbuqe Berisha, who said that during this edition, viewers will have the opportunity to watch theatrical plays coming from many different countries.

While the director of culture at MCYS, Jehona Shyti, said that this edition is special because if an event is capable of realizing 3 editions then there is nothing from stopping it from realizing even more.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Culture, I would like to express our gratitude to AAB College for truly becoming an industry of cultural events and conveying many values” said Shyti. 

The first night of PITF2019 began in the AAB Theater “Faruk Begolli”, with the show “Frog” directed by Burbuqe Berisha, starring Ilir Tafa, Donat Qosja, Basri Shala and Valmir Krasniqi.

The festival will run until November 09, while the competition program kicks off Tuesday with a performance by Greece’s “Moscow Selim”, produced by Papalangki Theater Company.