The third edition of the Prishtina International Theater Festival – PITF 2019 begins tonight

5 November 2019

With the motto “Knowledge. Faith. Courage”, the third edition of PITF2019 – International Theater Festival, organized by AAB College and AAB Theater “Faruk Begolli” has begun its journey today.

At the press conference, Ilir Tafa, the festival’s general director, announced that within the competition program of this edition, for the first time, a theater troupe from Greece will come on to the stage of the AAB Theater “Faruk Begolli”. Tafa also said that, aside from Greece, performances from Bulgaria, Croatia, Northern Macedonia and Kosovo will also compete in this edition.

On the other hand, the artistic director of PITF2019 festival, Burbuqe Berisha, speaking about the program of this edition, said that PITF focuses on the most attractive performances from the region and the country. “The show from Greece will be participating in the festival for the first time, while the other countries competing are Croatia which has always brought attractive performances for audiences, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria and, last but not least, Gjakova Theater with “Much ado about nothing”.

What makes the International Theater Festival special is the artistic part outside the competition program. On this issue Azra Desic, festival coordinator, said that this year the festival organizers have focused mainly on AAB College Faculty of Arts students, who are rising stars in the music scene, and will be given space to expand on their creativity.

PITF 2019 will run until Saturday November 09, when the awards ceremony will also be held.