The Third Student Conference on Social Sciences at AAB College is underway

24 February 2020

Organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences at AAB College, for the third time in a row, the Student Conference is being held, where students of this faculty are participating with their research.

At the opening of the conference, Dean Hysen Kasumi said he was proud of the students’ work and that conferences like this are already a tradition of our academic unit. “This whole conference is about our continuous efforts to raise quality and equip our students with the skills, knowledge and confidence required by the job market when we are not close to them and they will be independent to work without anyone’s help” said Kasumi.

Viola Vllasolli, one of the students who participated in this conference, presented the topic “Inclusion of children with special needs in preschool institutions”. She said that these events are a great help to the students who attend.

“I always participate in such events, because I am learning new things that were previously unknown to me. Holding these conferences greatly impacts the professional preparation of all students.” said Viola.

Topics covered in this conference are related to preschools, children and their needs, parents and their involvement in institutional activities and many more.

At the end, of the conference the participating students had the opportunity to discuss all the topics presented.