The Vice-dean of AAB College and the Director of the PTC invited to the International Conference of “Kadri Zeka” University, Gjilan

2 June 2023
The vice-rector of the AAB College and the Director of the QAP invited to the international conference of the University "Haxhi Zeka" Gjilan

The Vice-Rector for International Cooperation of AAB College Venera Llunji and the director of the Professional Training Center Diana Qarkaxhija were invited to the annual international conference of the public university “Kadri Zeka in Gjilan”. In her welcoming speech of this conference, which is titled “Science and Technology in the Promotion of Human Values”, Vice-Rector Venera Llunji said that the topics planned for discussion at this conference are of special importance because as representatives of higher education they are the supporting pillar of the intellectual and professional development and construction of all generations that follow.

Llunji thanked the university for the invitation on behalf of the rectorate of AAB College and the academic staff, while wishing it success in its progress.