“Through thorns to stars’’ an autobiographical book by Shyqri Nimani

18 March 2017

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of birth and 55th anniversary of the multidisciplinary artistic career of prof. Shyqri Nimani, in the presence of the Albanian artists, literary critics of art in general, publishers, students and  booklovers, AAB College organized a promotion of the autobiographical book “Through thorns to the stars”, of the author Shyqri Nimani, published by “Ars Albanica” publishing house.

The Rector of AAB College, prof. dr. Lulzim Tafa, said that prof. Nimani on his book brings an autobiography which is beautiful and painful at the same time, an autobiography for a movie, starting from his early childhood until his completion as an artist and a scientist, what is prof. Nimani.

Kelmendi said that the monograph “Through thorns to the stars”, is complete, multidimensional, a rare encyclopedia of experiences, knowledge and gustos.

Professor Nimani thanked all those who were present and those who helped to publishhis book: “My biography life can be based on trinomial which consists of three pillars: family, homeland and creativity. I am very happy that I have been keeping safe this feature of mine until these days, and that all my activity has gone in this direction. ” Prof. Nimani said that we must work hard to be part of Europe, because historically we have belonged to Western world.

The Promoting programe was closed by an artistic performance of the Faculty of Music and Art of  AAB College.