Three International Publications Within The Last Three Weeks

16 July 2021

In the last three weeks alone, AAB College has issued three important scientific publications.

We’re talking about the study book entitled “Role and legal position of the President of the Republic of Kosovo – 111 questions and answers”, authors Besim Kajtazi and Florent Muçaj; The book with the works from the International Scientific Conference organized by AAB and in partnership with several other universities, as well as the international scientific journal “Thesis”.

In the book for the role of the president, the authors provide answers to 111 questions related to the role and legal position of the president of Kosovo: how is the chairman of the CEC appointed and dismissed by the president of Kosovo?; what is the role of the president in foreign policy ?; how does the president represent the unity of the people ?; how does the president guarantee the democratic and constitutional functioning of Kosovo institutions, etc ..

The book of the Conference includes 7 studies with 12 authors which were presented at the international scientific conference entitled “Perspectives of EU integration of the Western Balkans”, which was held at AAB College in April, in cooperation with the University of Osijek, Sarajevo , South East European University, Durrës, FON-Skopje and Korça.

In this book the studies of the participants coming from the universities of Croatia, Turkey, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, etc are published.

The third publication of AAB College that came out of print these days, is the international scientific journal “Thesis”. The 280 pages of this volume include scholarly articles by scholars from prestigious universities around the world, such as: University College London, University of Rome Three, Vrije University of Brussels, Japanese University of Osaka, Hellenic Open University, Kaplan Higher Education Singapore, AAB College, German University Bielefeld, etc ..

All three publications can be found in the Library of AAB College.