Three other students of AAB College are attending studies at Masaryk University In Czech Republic, through Erasmus +

17 September 2021

Despite the pandemic situation all over the globe, AAB College students have managed to become part of various international universities through the Erasmus + student exchange program.

Recently, students Melisa Osmani, Betim Hyseini and Leutrim Ukaj, have started the academic year at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. While Melisa and Betim are continuing their studies at the Faculty of Physical Education, one at the bachelor level and the other at the master level, Leutrim will attend the Faculty of Law.

They have already started the first week of studies and orientation days where they will get acquainted with the program, modules, teachers and study colleagues.

AAB College remains committed to deepening international cooperation with prestigious universities through which students will have the opportunity to study with full academic scholarships.