Three students from AAB College have successfully completed the 2015/16 summer semester at the University of Lodz in Poland

15 September 2016

Three students of AAB, Donika Blaku, Besart Vishesella and Blina Zhubi, successfully have completed the 2015/16 summer semester at the University of Lodz, Poland, as a full scholarship, under a joint agreement between the two institutions in the project Credit International Erasmus + Mobility.

The student Blina Zhubi thanked in this case AAB College for the opportunity to benefit from this project: “I’m very happy that I finished successfully studies of summer semester in the Faculty of Economics and Management at the University of Lodz in Poland,” she said. She said that in addition to knowledge categories benefited in her studies, during studies in Poland, has had meetings with many different people, traveling in Europe, participation in conferences, these activities are an experience to a person with vision became even more powerful and more demanding for life.

Meanwhile, Donika Blaku for the “student “magazine  has said that thanks to the agreement with the AAB College at the University of Lodz, Poloni has completed her dream to study abroad. “I attended language studies in English, with a totally different study system, with a well-prepared academic staff, selected not only from the cities of Poland, but also abroad,” she says. According to her, the situation has enabled her to learn more about Polish and Western culture, “because besides to the studies we had the chance to visit many places and well-known European centers,” says Donika Blaku.

While the student Besart Vishesella pursued studies in the field of computer science.