Training on “Development of Cyber Security Applications” taking place at AAB College

22 November 2019

After successfully organizing various trainings, such as Java Programming, C # e Python Training, Basics of Web Penetration Testing, AAB College Computer Science Labs are also undergoing training for cyber security called “Development of Cyber Security Applications”.

In the first week of training, many different topics were covered, such as: the development of applications in the field of cyber security, identifying malicious code known as malware, identifying and developing techniques, tools and applications that enable malware to be identified and eliminated.

In addition to identifying malicious code such as Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Ransomware, Rootkits and many more, various tools and applications will be used to create user protection mechanisms in the operating system.

Some of the programming and scripting languages that will be used for the development of tools and applications are: C, C ++, C #, Python, AutoIT etc.

The training will last 5 weeks and will include lectures and practical work, which will be conducted by teacher Edon Bublaku.

Upon completion of the training all participants will be acknowledged for their hard work.