Transfer studies to AAB College and success will be your guide

18 January 2022

The transfer of studies is based on the principles of the Bologna Charter and enables the transfer of students in intermediate years from other university schools, domestic or foreign, public or non-public.

Through the transfer of studies to AAB College, the interested students will be recognized for the credits obtained through the evaluation of the curriculum, whereas the recognition for the courses they have completed will be done by the commission of the faculty they are applying to.

The process of transferring studies is simple and consists of only three steps:

• the first step is for the candidate to submit a transfer request;

• the second step is the evaluation and recognition of courses and credits by the relevant Faculty Committee;

• The third and final step is the registration of studies.

AAB College has created a special department for the transfer of studies, where the staff of this department responds in record time to all student requests.

The deadline for the transfer of studies for the summer semester remains open until February 28, 2022, so it is up to you to appear and be informed about the possibilities of your transfer.

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