Two new literary works – “Dark matter” and “Literary Contrasts” written by Bujar Tafa

8 April 2016

AAB College Publishing House, these days published two literaly works from Bujar Tafa – “Dark matter” (poetry), and “literary Contrasts” (studies).

To the poetry book, “Dark matter”, the poet, starting as from big motives as well as black universe matter, as is its figurative title of this overview,then the human genetics, mysticism, religious to continue then with the trend of globalization as a modern society, through the poems he continuously expresses ideas and as stated that his concern for the natural pattern of the modern man, with precise, to the great dilemmas that surround man this time. The poems of this summary in general, as well as his earlier poems,are characterizes above all from a unique figurative language, which apparently prevails irony. Another distinction is that to these poetic poems,the poet creates special unique situations from which he constructs situations, always poetically, moments of new previously unseen in the conception of the reality. This emphaises modernity to these poems.Meanwhile, the works’ literary contrasts, “the poet said that the tendency to view the outside man outside authorities and outside  different conventions which by the time as a formula has become a cliche, of which writers often aim to deconstruct the human essence. Bujar Tafa adds that in one way or another man provoked the traditional configuration, including religion, morality and other authorities, characterizing the man of our time.

Poetry compilation “Dark matter” has a total of 82 pages, with reviewer Naile Demir, while at the research work “literary contrasts” are included writings about fourteen authors, seven Albanians and seven foreigners, with 188 pages.

Both of the works are already found in the Library of AAB and can be used by interested readers. Dr. Bujar Tafa, is a university professor. So far he has published several book titles such as :Agim Spahiu’s poetry, Literary creativity Mikro Gashi, Biografemat and ideografemat (interpretation of the book of poetry Lum Lumi), Parapoezi, Black Materia and Literary Contrasts.