Under the “Top 2% Most Influential in The World”, scientist Tomczyk, key speaker at the AAB scientific conference

15 May 2024

The keynote speaker at the international scientific conference of communications of AAB College will be Prof. Dr. Lukasz Tomczyk, who in 2022 was declared “Top 2% of the most influential scientists in the world” by the ranking of Stanford University and Elsevier (owner of Scopus).

The professor from the Jagiellonian University of Poland will speak at the AAB scientific conference about “Creating false information on the Internet for teachers and the digital security of the school ecosystem”.

Tomczyk is the author of over 220 articles from prestigious journals, 7 monographs and editor of 15 research summary monographs, as well as the leader of several international scientific projects. In the conference “Information, media and truth in the era of post-truth and artificial intelligence”, in addition to prof. Tomczyk, another keynote speaker will be another scientific authority, Prof. Mark Deuze from the University of Amsterdam, one of the most eminent names in the world for theories of communications and media studies.