The Union leadership of students of the Republic of Kosovo visited AAB College

28 September 2016

he Union Leadership of Students of the Republic of Kosovo (USRK), today visited AAB College, where they met with the Rector of the institution, prof. dr. LulzimTafa, and Vice President of the organization Krenare Çerkini who is a student of the Faculty of English Language at AAB College.

Tafa, the rector in front of the students noted the importance of mutual visits, which aim to better cooperation among students. He appreciated the visit and promised support not only to this organization, but to all students of all institutions, from AAB College.

“I ask you as an organization to work hard in the promotion of equality and non-discrimination of students for institutions of higher education because they do not differ from their missions, they have a common mission, but differ only in the way of funding” said RectorTafa. He said that our programs are equal with the labor market and today over 78% of graduates from AAB College are employed.

While USRK chairman, Mr. Arben Mehmeti, presented a brief history of the organization, its cooperation with all universities and private colleges as well as work strategy, which aimed at monitoring and implementation of trends in contemporary higher education and the removal of barriers around discrimination against students.

The leadership visited all facilities of AAB College, and was pleased with the achievements that this institution has.