Unique collections and designs of fashion design students at AAB College

8 October 2021

The 5th graduated generation of Fashion Design at AAB College, comes with unique designs and collections of students who for 3 years entrusted their professional development to AAB College.

This study program has already proven to be the best program offered in our country, where students get to learn from the best local and foreign professionals in this field such as Krenare Rugova, Flutura Dedinja, Hana Zeqa, Damjana Celcar from Slovenia, etc..

Unlike other generations, where graduates have brought us their work and creations through runways organized for the audience, this year through the selection of the most complete collections of our graduates, we bring you the runway video in the premises of AAB College.

These inspiring environments add even more value to the creations of Kosovo’s future designers.

Follow the chronicle made by the team of @studioA program: