University Of Slavonia from Finland invites AAB College students to apply to Erasmus+ program

22 September 2022

Slavonia University in Finland has opened applications for AAB College students, within the Erasmus+
program. All students of the Faculty of Computer Sciences and the Faculty of Economics of AAB College
are eligible to apply.
The application deadline is October 15, 2022. Selected students will be interviewed by the relevant
committee. The basic criteria are that the students are currently in the second semester up to the fifth
semester. The average grade should be 9 or above, while they are required to have an excellent
knowledge of the English language, level B2, C1 or C2.
All students interested in applying should send an email to the deans of the Faculty of Computer
Science, the Faculty of Economics, as well as to vice-rector Venera Llunji.
Through the Erasmus+ program, the exchange of students is enabled, thus creating important
experiences for their academic background, which will later be the basis for building a career.