Vice-rector of AAB College Venera Llunji delivers lecture at Masaryk University

30 November 2023
The vice-rector of AAB College Venera Llunji holds a lecture at Masaryk University

The vice-rector of AAB College Venera Llunji, also a professor, delivered a lecture to the students of the Faculty of English Language at Masaryk University.

The lecture was held in the subject of Sociolinguistics with Professor Jan Chovanec, who together with the students welcomed Professor Llunji.

The topic discussed in this lecture was the character of the “Newborn” monument from a sociolinguistic and linguistic point of view.

Students were informed about the history of events in Kosovo, independence and the “Newborn” monument, with the changes it undergoes every year to convey meaningful messages.

The analysis carried out and the clarifications given along with the debate and questions from the students was very interesting for Professor Chovanec, as he was satisfied with the content and progress of the four hours held with the students from this faculty.