Vice rector of Ghent University in Belgium visits AAB College

31 March 2022

Prof. Dr. Mieke Van Herreweghe, vice rector of the University of Ghent in Belgium, came to Kosovo for the first time and visited AAB College. The University of Ghent is a world-renown institution for research, and their vice rector Prof. Dr. Van Herreweghe gave a special lecture on sign language studies in Europe for our students.

AAB students had the opportunity to learn about the communication mechanisms of sign language and the ways in which scholars in Europe have examined the linguistic structures of sign language. Dr. Uranela Demaj, Vice Rector for Science and Research at AAB College, stressed that the topic of sign language in Kosovo has not yet been studied in depth from an academic point of view. Therefore, the lecture provided a basis for AAB College students to further research this topic and conduct a research project on sign language in Kosovo.