Vice-Rector for Science of AAB College attended the scientific conference in the Italian Parliament

26 January 2017

The Vice-Rector  of AAB College, dr. Hasan Saliu, attended  the  international scientific conference “The Challenge of the Global Migrant – Bodies on the Move and Cultural Differences” organized by RC54 of the International Sociological Association (ISA), Sapienza University of Rome,Complutense University of Madrid, under the fostering of UNESCO, and lasted two days  of work and was held in the italian Parliament, in Rome.

Saliu, who was the only participant from the Balkan countries in this conference, was presented with his scientific paper “The Image of the Host Country in the Memory of Migrant”. In this conference participated and presented a large number of researchers from EU countries, the US, Russia etc.

Saliu said that the conclusions and recommendations of this conference was the issue of the migration of the current mass of Asia and North Africa to Europe, to be treated from the at a multi-dimensional aspects, while given a series of recommendations for UNESCO and European policy which face this phenomenon.

Studies presented at this conference will be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, edited by professors Sapienzes, Bianca Maria Pirani, Roberto Cipriani, Fiz Ruiz and Umberto Melotti.

For more details about the conference click HERE.