Winners of the competition for student presentations in the field of public administration were announced

3 June 2015

Upon the event of Manifestation “Days of AAB, 2015” the Faculty of Public Administration organized a competition of the public administration field, where the students of bachelor level from Campuses of Prishtina and Ferizaj of the AAB University, competed and presented their scientific-research works.

First place belonged to the topic “Ethics of public administration in Ferizaj”, presented by Vjollca Aliu; second place for the work “Research on the reliability of citizens in the judicial system in Ferizaj”, presented by students Edita Qerimi, Shpejtim Ademi and Qendresa Gjafaj; third place belonged to the work “The functioning of local government and the role of civil society in decision-making”, presented by Lulzim Hakaj.

Also other works were presented in the competition:

Nexhat Harasani, with the theme: “The holidays and absence from work under the laws of Kosovo and Montenegro”, Emin Isufi, with the theme: “The holiday entitlement rights according to the law of work in Kosovo”, Sabit Matoshi, with the theme: “Local self-government in Kosovo “.