World Creativity and Innovation week activities conclude successfully at AAB College

19 April 2019

AAB College’s Faculty of Economics focused on organizing various events during the World Creativity and Innovation Week.

Part of these activities were students and important personalities from the field of economy in Kosovo and the academic staff of AAB College. 

During the closing roundtable held today in the media center of AAB College, Vice-rector Shemsedin Vehapi said that initiatives such as this are an integral part of daily work at AAB College and not only from the Faculty of Economics, but from all students who, in different ways, strive to innovate in creative ways within the boundaries of their study programs.

The Minister of the Ministry of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Besim Beqaj, was also present at this roundtable. He talked about the importance of technology and the safety of using it, highlighting the benefits of Kosovar society when using innovation in the service of economic development. He further added that Kosovo’s youth are proving themselves every day as leaders in the field of innovation.

“Kosovar society is moving forward much faster than that of other countries. In the field of innovation, our new generations will lead in the region, “Beqaj said. Meanwhile, the director of the American Chamber of Commerce, Arian Zeka, when speaking of the importance of innovation, said that success and economic development depend greatly on creating new ideas and concepts of work, and that this is particularly important in today’s market where innovation has been described as the success of any business.

During the World Creativity and Innovation Week organized by AAB College, students had the opportunity to visit various innovative companies, to be part of lectures with different personalities and also to teach in front of high school students.

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Dr. Shaip Bytyçi, thanked all the staff who committed themselves to carrying out the numerous activities in the three branches of AAB College in Prishtina, Ferizaj and Gjakova.