“YMCA” organization offers training for AAB College students on stopping gender-based violence

24 November 2022

Representatives from the “YMCA” organization have started training with the students of AAB College, which is about stopping gender-based violence. This training was implemented within the Y and Y+ programs by this organization.

Students had the opportunity to be part of some activities where they were divided into groups, to discuss about gender equality and the benefits that society will have. Then some general statistics of the phenomena of violence in Kosovo were presented.

Further, four workshops were held, which presented different tasks for the students divided into groups, starting from sexual violence, men as caregivers, what is the work of women, etc.

At the end of this training, the participating students of AAB College will be contacted for the workshops that are held by the organization, thus having the role of educators in secondary schools in Kosovo, while each lesson that will be held by them will be recognized internationally.