A training opportunity from AAB College offers employment to the student from English Language Faculty

22 November 2022

AAB College always keeps students informed about internship opportunities from numerous organizations, companies or partners. In one of the announcements for training from the NextSeo company, the student of the English Language Faculty of AAB College, Elda Sallauka, decided to apply to complete the training, which then also offered internships with employment opportunities.

Elda took part in the “Introduction to Digital Marketing and SEO” training for 5 weeks in a row, to then continue with the internship for another 5 weeks. And now it’s been 3 years since she was hired and is part of this company.

She said that this announcement from AAB College served as a bridge to find a job, and that she is always grateful for such announcements that are in the interest of students. Further, Elda added that even studies at AAB College mean opportunities in many professions that are related to the world of communication.