AAB College partner in The Fifth International Conference of Education and Culture in a Foreign Language

13 December 2022

The Faculty of English Language of AAB College has participated for the third time in a row as a partner in the fifth International Conference on Education and Culture in Foreign Language. This conference was held in Durres, while it was organized by the Faculty of Education of the “Aleksandër Moisiu” University of Durres.

In addition to the role in the commitment towards the goal of the conference, this also served as a meeting point for representatives of many partner universities from countries such as: USA, Italy, Croatia, Kosovo, India, etc.

Dean of the Faculty of English Language of AAB College, dr. Aida Alla, presented the priorities and scientific activities of the faculty she leads, inviting the attendees to the upcoming conferences.

In addition to the dean, the academic staff of the English Language Faculty of AAB College, such as Toska Haxhidauti and Eriona Ajvazi, also participated in this conference, who received positive evaluations from their colleagues, hoping for other cooperations in the future.