AAB College signed a cooperation agreement with ‘’ISSAT’’ Institute!

20 October 2016

In a solemn ceremony, AAB College has signed a cooperation agreement with the Institute for Strategic Studies and Training ISSAT from Tirana.

In this case, the Vice-Rector of AAB College, Shpemsedin Vehapi, said that this cooperation and training which will be offered today to nursing students, but also to the students of other study programs of AAB College, is in full compliance with development concepts, which are offered in this higher education institution.

“By developing such partnerships, AAB College continues to strengthen its important role among the academic community, providing labor market of qualified and competent staff to deal with the needs and challenges set before them. Also, we are aware that the health system is facing various challenges often associated with quality health care, “said vice-rector Vehapi.

Meanwhile, Minister of Health of the Republic of Kosovo, Imet Rrahmani, said that the agreement between AAB College and ISSAT institute it is very important to fulfill the needs for the advancement of health in the country.

This agreement was welcomed by the Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Albania, Nora Malaj, chairman of the board for licensing in MoH, Hysni Bajrami, president of the ISSAT institute, Jorge Jeha, the executive director of the ISSAT institute, Ilda Mejdani called the agreement as a wider range of fulfilling the mission of the institution she leads.

AAB College through this partnership with the Institute for Strategic Studies and Training ISSAT, aims that throughout training of health professionals to create professional preconditions on improving the quality of health service to the patient, being consistent with the information and the newest trends regarding to the health care.